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So many of us want to have our own business, and many try to purchase a franchise.  The sales process for a franchise really is more of a game, with unwritten rules that few people understand.  This book will allow you to have a better understanding of the following:


  • Are you suited to be a business owner?


  • Will a franchise be a potential good fit for you?


  • What other options do I have?


  • Can I find a business within my budget, even if my funds are low?


  • Discover the one thing that most franchise candidates do incorrectly when searching a franchise, or any other business.











    “In my experience in the franchising world, taking a concept to over 700 franchises, I have interacted with numerous franchise experts.  The multiple conferences and franchising seminars I have attended are crowded with intelligent people that are savvy in this industry.  I can honestly say that although there are many good people in the industry the true professionals are rare.  Colleen O’Brien is that rare exception.  Her insight and discernment navigating the ocean of candidates coming into and “looking” at franchises is quite remarkable.  Her understanding of the entire process is what makes her rare”.

                                                                                                   ~Tony Lamb, CEO and Founder of Kona Ice


    “Colleen is a MASTER of franchising.  She understands what it takes to be successful and is willing to share her years of experience with those willing to listen.”

                                                                                                   ~Heidi Morrissey VP Marketing/Sales - Kitchen Tune-Up


    “I have known Colleen O'Brien for the last 8 years. It did not take me long to label her as the "consummate broker". She is not only extremely knowledgeable about the franchising business, but has an abundant amount of compassion for both the franchisor and also the franchisee.  She is truly a treat to work with.”

                                                                                                   ~Tom Lamb, COO of Kona Ice


  "I have had the great pleasure in knowing Colleen for many years. As an award winning entrepreneur. I've learned that the key to success is to partner with EXPERTS. Colleen is one such expert. 
   In a community of thousands of options, having an expert to help you filter the "BEST" from the rest is extremely valuable. Colleen's expertise has garnered her both the respect of her clients as well as her colleagues. As such she has become a very valuable asset to anyone hoping to avoid VERY costly mistakes. 
   One will never be able to eliminate risk... but one can minimize that risk while also maximizing the potential for success by finding the 'RIGHT" business. Working with Colleen will be one of the best decisions you'll EVER make!!!!"

                                                                                                    ~Larry Carnell, Vice President, Benetrends

                                                                                                                          Award Winning Entrepreneur


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