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My name is Colleen L. O’Brien. If you found this book, then you have likely been looking for a business. Let me first say I am not exactly the best writer in the world, but please try to see the forest through the trees as you read this book. You will find it to be conversational and full of pertinent information necessary to successfully buy a franchise.


I have played franchise matchmaker for folks like you since 2004. Prior to that, my career was in Management Consulting and Project Management. For those interested in education credentials, I graduated in 1993 from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and received my undergraduate degree in 1987 in Business and Industrial Management from Purdue University.


I did what we are all taught to do. I studied in school, went to college, and got a good job. For my career, an MBA was essential, so I did that . I went to school at night while working full time. Hard work, but it was an exhilarating time!


I had numerous rewarding experiences in my career, but I wanted more. In 2003, I managed the shut-down of my employer due to a merger. It was a horrible experience and I promised myself that I would not do that again. I took my severance and became self-employed – and I have not turned back!


I became a Franchise Coach given my business experience and education. A Franchise Coach is much like a recruiter in the corporate world, we just match you to a franchise instead of a job, and the services are free. How is it free? I am paid by the franchise company should we find a franchise for you to purchase. No additional funds are required to purchase the franchise as well. Franchise Coaches are also called Franchise Brokers, and some say Franchise Consultant. I use the term Franchise Coach since it is a better fit with the role played. It is much more than just giving a candidate a list of franchises to review.


I wanted to learn all that I could about the business world and being an entrepreneur. I realized over the years that being a Franchise Coach is a nice fit for me for now. I love solving problems, which is what I do every day – finding the right business for those struggling to find one.


I also progressed into Franchise Sales and Development. Basically, I help franchise companies award a franchise to the best qualified and interested candidates. What an eye-opening experience. It is a fast paced and highly-energized environment, but I also have realized so many qualified people go about the research process all wrong. Hence, I wrote this book and help those of you struggling to get into business – to find the right business!


I am also not a stranger to being a franchisee. My husband and I are franchisees with a large third-party logistics company – Unishippers. This company is a solid fit for us given we wanted a home based, business-to-business operation that primarily leveraged sales skills.


I have truly seen the Franchise Sales from all perspectives, and am ready to help you.


So let’s get started! Let me help you follow the rules and start the game right so you can pick a winner.

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